Dave Champine

CTO, FreshGrass, LLC

"It has been my pleasure to work with Dale on several different projects. His passion and vision are valuable in defining and designing solutions and his dedication to process and precision means that he is able to reliably build, refine, and deliver quality, finished products. More importantly, Dale is a caring and thoughtful person who goes out of his way to support and promote the causes he believes in. I look forward to working and/or singing around a campfire with Dale in the future."

Gabriel DeWitt

VP Technical Operations at Index Exchange

"I have worked closely with Dale on several major projects and respect not only his clear and mature design sense but also his insights into business process, marketing strategy, and product development. Dale is a creative and self actualized individual who is a real pleasure to work with."

Jeff Metcalf

Product Manager at ATTOM Data Solutions

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Dale on two award-winning web applications. In each case, Dale demonstrated his thorough understanding of user experience design principles. He skillfully developed design for the target demographics based on industry standards, input from the market, and his exemplary creative abilities. In each project Dale also filled the role of front end engineer, and was responsible for implementing the designs. Many people tend to be strong on one side or the other, but Dale is more than capable with both design and function, which brings phenomenal benefit to any project he participates in.""

Stan Fisher

IT Architect at Synopsys, Inc.

"Dale is an outstanding designer. His ability to quickly generate clean, high-quality design sketches, templates, and page layouts was the major reasons the project we worked on progressed so rapidly. Dale has my highest recommendation."

Adam Golove

Senior Marketing & Events Manager

"Dale's creativity and sound advice were instrumental in developing clean and user-friendly websites that everyone - clients, prospects and internal staff - was excited about. His professionalism shone in a tight deadline-driven environment.""