NOTE: Most of these projects were part of a mega-project - the ground-up redesign of iconic roots music publication No Depression.

When I came aboard, No Depression was an iconic brand that had gone stale, relying on a cadre of stalwart users and advertisers to keep it alive on a dying platform. It had just been purchased by a small music-festival company (FreshGrass) that recognized the need for a bold new approach that would dramatically improve the experience of readers, contributors, editorial staff, and sponsors, without alienating the base that had kept it alive.

I led the redesign effort, guiding a process that engaged all the stakeholders on a site with tens of thousands of existing readers, hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, hundreds of staff and community contributors, dozens of sponsors and advertisers, and an editorial staff. As half of the dev team, I also built the front-end.

The experience of the reader is critical to the success of a publication. See how we delivered a superb experience to readers with wildly divergent goals.

In addition to staff contributors, No Depression accepted contributions from literally anyone. Learn how we made the experience easy for even the most unsophisticated contributor.

Contributions poured in, and varied widely in quality. Editorial staff needed a robust workflow to identify quality content, clean it up, and feature it. Find out how we did it.

The Readers' Poll was a perennial traffic magnet, but the process was antiquated, error-prone, and labor-intensive. See how we fixed it.

The FreshGrass Foundation, a roots music nonprofit, needed a "face" that would immediately register with several diverse constituencies. Find out what we did for them.

LMV was a feature-rich calendaring service that relied on user-generated content, which was published on multiple platforms in customizable views. See how.