ND Year-End Readers' Poll

YERP, as it was unpoetically known, was a significant project all its own on the No Depression site. This longstanding tradition was the biggest traffic generator of the year, yet the process was antiquated, error-prone, and labor-intensive. It needed a complete overhaul.

We created an interlocking system of several parts:

  • A landing page explaining the "rules", which included a leaderboard showing the current voting results
  • A searchable list of all the roots music albums released during the year, from which to add selections to your ballot
  • A ballot form for each registered user, to view and manage your list before submitting*
  • A ballot page that displays your ballot after it is submitted
  • A list of all submitted ballots

*This was particularly cool because we were able to write a custom module to bypass Drupal's node create/edit form and create a UI that included a text field and also draggable - and deletable - rows for each selection.