I've done extensive work in Drupal theming, and also have experience theming WordPress, Shopify, and many other platforms. This includes building sophisticated interactions in JQuery, and working with RESTful services.

My Approach

The heart of front-end web development is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: they determine how the rendered page looks and works. Hewing to standards and best practices is the surest way to create a robust front end. Since standards and best practices are subject to constant change, learning how to learn has always been at the core of my front-end coding skill set.

I was the front-end dev, as well as the designer, for all the projects shown here.


I'm fearless when it comes to new tech. I'm comfortable with (for instance) compiled CSS, task managers, responsive grids, templating systems, cross-browser development, RESTful services, version control, code repos, bugbases, and, well, the gamut of modern dev tools. I'm especially deep in Drupal front-ends.


In this age, responsiveness is non-negotiable. Your site will be seen on virtually any size screen, and it must work flawlessly on all of them. My knowledge of the mechanics of responsive front ends informs my designs, and vice versa. I typically start with a robust responsive grid and customize from there.


Whether it's markup templates, style classes, or JQuery functions, I am constantly focused on optimizing my front end components for reusability. This makes me a more efficient developer, as well as making the site more performant.

Staying Hip

For the latest innovations and current best practices, I look to Chris Coyier, Eric Meyer, Lea Verou, and a few others.