I've been using Drupal consistently since 2008. I've learned its quirks, its strengths and weaknesses, and the myriad ways it offers to skin the proverbial cat (and I've developed a keen sense of which is best for the given situation.) All the projects here were built in Drupal.

"Drupal Is Big - What Exactly Do You Know?"

In Drupal parlance, I am both a themer and a site builder.


As part of a dev team that also includes a “data person," I am a top-notch themer, operating on template.php to define theming functions and on Drupal's vast array of template “suggestions," resulting in the exact markup required to display the dynamic data that's been returned from the database. And I'm well-versed in the CSS and JQuery techniques that will turn that markup into a beautiful front end.

(For the ultimate in customization, for the No Depression redesign we created a module that allowed us to define our own templates for any given endpoint. This freed me from the arbitrary constraints of Drupal's page templates so I could create the exact markup I wanted.)

Site Building

I can build pretty sophisticated sites from the ground up. I'm intimate with Drupal's architecture and its philosophy of using the admin UI to define powerful database tables; using the Views UI to define sophisticated db queries; and using the theming layer to display the contents of db fields as variables in a template. For custom functionality, I can sniff out the highest-quality contributed modules, or, if no off-the-shelf solution suits the issue at hand, write one of my own.

Staying Hip

For inspiration, best practices, and all-around Drupal guruship, I follow the good folks at Lullabot (especially Jeff Eaton), Acquia, and Chapter Three.